National Museums Scotland: how we tell stories online

National Museums Scotland: how we tell stories online

By Russell Dornan


With hundreds of people and literally millions of objects, grappling with all the potential stories National Museums Scotland has to explore is no small task. How do they harness the raging content river’s power instead of being at its mercy? And how do they produce content that matters? Russell Dornan tells us how.

GIF of Girls Aloud all tangled up in ropes and looking fierce.
Spinning so many incongruous threads into usable content can be overwhelming. Both for us as content creators and, we wonder, for our audiences and the dreaded algorithm. So how do we do it? And how could we do it better, both to benefit our audiences and our own mental health?
Shout out to Lori Byrd-McDevitt

GIF og Bill Hader saying “In a word…chaos”.

8 agates of different shapes and colours against a black background.

Listen to an audio conversation about agates.

A red, white and blue glass model of a sea anemone.
A recently conserved Blaschka model.
Screenshot of an excel spreadsheet showing days of the week against various social channels. There’s content like “job vacancy post” listed in some of the cells to show when and how we schedule our content across the channels and the week.
Our daily content plan.

So. Much. Content.

Photo of two people with cameras filming another person in one of the galleries at the National Museum of Scotland.
Sneak peek of a new, exciting project for us. Coming in 2023!
Thanks to Girls Aloud for supplying the headers to this post.

GIF of Girls Aloud in stunning silver mini dresses stomping towards the camera singing as dancers in orange dresses behind them back them up.

Russell Dornan

Russell Dornan, Digital Media Content Manager, National Museums Scotland

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