Podcast: Bringing the Smithsonian to life through storytelling

Podcast: Bringing the Smithsonian to life through storytelling

By For Arts Sake


Lizzie Peabody is the producer and host of the Smithsonian's flagship podcast Sidedoor. Lizzie talks us through her approach to reaching new audiences wherever they are.  One of a series of podcasts with museum people by For Arts Sake.

The podcast For Arts' Sake discovers what museums are really for and what people who work there really do. Above all, the podcasts find out what impact museums have on people's life. These stories are about the ground-breaking work that these people do - for arts’ sake and for your sake.

In this episode For Arts' Sake talks to Lizzie Peabody from the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. about her unique approach to storytelling as the audio producer and host on their podcast Sidedoor. From leeches to finding Cleopatra or How Wonder Woman got her groove back. Lizzie works with curators, scientists, artists and historians to broadcast tales from across the Smithsonian’s many museum collections focussing on the stories and people rather than just objects.



Lizzie Peabody

Lizzie Peabody is an audio producer and storyteller in Washington D.C. She has taught first person storytelling for the past several years, and frequently performed her own stories onstage. Formerly a classroom teacher, she is now the host and senior producer of the Smithsonian’s flagship podcast, Sidedoor.

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Resource type: Podcasts | Published: 2022