Resources tagged with Content Creation

How to expand the functionality of your WordPress website

In this session recorded at Digital Heritage Lab’s Digital Skills Day, Paul Blundell looks at the different types of plugins and extensions that you can add to your WordPress website to help expand its functionality including: custom posts and fields; tagging and content grids; event calendar and bookings; eCommerce and membership; and search. This session … Read more

The Space: Digital Rights Toolkit

With an explosion of digital content this Digital Rights Tookit by The Space covers key areas you need to know. Including practical advice and shared experiences from leading producers as well as representatives from arts organisations who have recently navigated rights issues to get their content on TV and online.

Podcast: Hannah Hethmon – podcasting for connection at Smithsonian

Lucy Jamieson, Head of Programme at the AMA talks to Podcast Producer, Hannah Hethmon, Better Lemon Creative Audio about using podcasts to connect with people’s stories. Including advice on planning, key tools and processes. One of a series of AMAculturehive podcasts commissioned for The Learning Lounge, AMA Arts Marketing Festival 2020.

Webinar: How to develop a powerful website content strategy

Creating engaging and relevant content for your website is so important. If you’re struggling to know the best way forward, or how to organise the information on your site, then this session, presented by the Digital Culture Network’s Tech Champion for websites, Roberta Beattie, will give you some great insights and tips. You’ll learn how to … Read more