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Producing multimedia content on a budget

With the internet becoming an ever more visual medium, heritage organisations have the opportunity to bring their subject matter to life with audio, video, and images. What’s more, the tools for creating this content are cheaper and more accessible than they ever have been. In this Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording, Katie Connolly explains the … Read more

Website usability and writing for the web

People come to our websites looking to complete a task — whether that’s to plan a visit or to learn something. In many cases it’s the first experience someone will have of our organisation. In this Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording, Nicky Hand covers important principles and practical tips for managing a website and creating … Read more

Telling your story effectively — the Case for Support

Storytelling is an essential part of all fundraising.  You need to tell people why your cause is important, what differentiates it from others and what you need funding for.  Language, tone, audience and many other factors can affect the impact your story tells. In this Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording, Helen Jenkins explains the structure for … Read more

5 key stages of a successful content marketing process

Having a content marketing process can help you drive profitable results with your campaigns. But how can you make yours successful? Shane Barker, a digital marketing consultant who specialises in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO takes us through 5 steps to success. 

Working with digitised collections — the raw material

Digitised collections have many of the same management issues as physical collections, and need careful planning and rigorous documentation if you want to avoid getting in a muddle and have the information you need to create online content at your fingertips. In this Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording Kevin Gosling from the Collections Trust looks … Read more