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Headshot photo of Fahmida Miah

Fahmida Miah

Fahmida Miah | Programme Manager | Media Trust Fahmida Miah is a Programme Manager at Media Trust. Currently, Fahmida leads ...
Head and shoulders Ranjit-K-Atwal-2021

Ranjit Atwal

Ranjit Atwal | Communications & Marketing Consultant Ranjit Kaur Atwal is a Communications & Marketing professional, Mentor, Facilitator and trainee ...
Head and shoulders Jo Breeze

Jo Breeze

Jo supports artists and creators to run full-funded crowdfunding campaigns. "You may only get one shot at a successful crowdfunding ...
Katy Raines head and shoulders

Katy Raines

Katy Raines (CEO, Indigo) is regarded as one of the UK’s leading consultants on CRM and segmentation for the arts, ...
Head and shoulders Darya Danesh
Courtesy the author

Darya Danesh

Darya Danesh is a former Communications Specialist at Ki Culture. She holds an MSc in Communication Science from the University ...
Head and shoulders Sarah Herrera
Courtesy Tessitura Network

Sarah Herrera

Sarah Herrera, Assistant Director of Business Intelligence, Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts Sarah is the Assistant Director of Business ...
Dhikshana Turakhia Pering

Dhikshana Turakhia Pering

Dhikshana Turakhia Pering is Head of Engagement and Skills at Somerset House, Trustee Museums Association and a Member of Museum Detox ...
Becky Smith Headshot

Beckie Smith

Beckie Smith is the Directing Consultant at Flying Geese marketing and development consultancy.   Until recently, Beckie was Head of Global Marketing for Imagination ...
Head and shoulders of Tarsha Calloway
Courtesy Tessitura Network

Tarsha Whitaker Calloway

Tarsha Calloway is Vice President, Philanthropy, Tessitura Network. She has extensive experience in non-profits fundraising, board governance, and strategy. Ms ...
Headshot of Nesta

Nesta Nelson

Nesta Nelson is the Producer at Back to Ours and a Fellow of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme ...
Russell Dornan

Russell Dornan

Russell Dornan (he/him) is the Digital Media Content Manager at National Museums Scotland. He commissions editorial content and develops digital ...
Trish Thomas

Trish Thomas

Trish Thomas | Head of Digital Innovation | Museum of London Trish Thomas is Head of Digital Innovation at the ...
Head and shoulders Mel-Larsen-

Mel Larsen

Mel Larsen has worked in the arts, culture and heritage across the UK and abroad for over 20 years. For ...
Adam Gallacher Headshot

Adam Gallacher

Adam is an accomplished professional in the cultural sector with over 10 years’ experience – specialising in business development, income ...
Head and shoulders Steve Franklin

Steven Franklin

Steven Franklin is a self-confessed social media addict, with 3 years’ experience (as at December 2022) of work in the ...
Chris Rolls head and shoulders

Chris Rolls

Chris Rolls is Head of Training and Development at 64 Million Artists. As Head of Training and Development for 64MA, ...
Head and shoulders kat francois

Kat Francois

Kat Francois is a performance artist, broadcaster, playwright and director.   The first person to win a televised poetry slam in ...
Head and shoulders Lara Ratnaraja

Lara Ratnajara

Lara is a freelance cultural consultant specialising in diversity, innovation, leadership, collaboration and cultural policy implementation within the HE, cultural and digital sector ...
Head and shoulders Sina-Bahram-

Sina Bahram

Sina Bahram is an accessibility researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur. In 2012 Sina founded the inclusive design firm Prime Access Consulting ...