Tips to help you with your CRM implementation

Tips to help you with your CRM implementation

By Purple Vision


This is useful guide by Mags Rivett from Purple Vision compares the process of implementing a new CRM to a bike ride journey. It provides five top tips that will help you successfully implement your new CRM – from planning and integration through to project management, User Acceptance Testing and staying on top of potential problems. This guide will be helpful whether you’re already implementing a new CRM or still at the planning stages.

Top tip: Don’t start until you’ve clearly documented your project. At the minimum, you need terms of reference which includes the aims, scope and resources you need and will be using. Ideally you will also have identified what improvements the implementation will bring so you can evidence your success and measure return on investment. For those of us who like visual things, a timeline of what will happen, when and who will do it is also very helpful.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2015