SoLoMo – social, local, mobile

SoLoMo – social, local, mobile

By Katie Moffat


Over the last few years, the term SoLoMo, short for ‘Social Local Mobile’, is being used more and more. At its heart is an important concept that will become increasingly important to arts organisations. Having an effective social local mobile strategy simply means understanding the changing customer behaviours that have been brought about by smartphones and tailoring your approach accordingly.

So while SoLoMo sounds like the latest here-today-gone-tomorrow fad, it’s actually much more fundamental than that. As an organisation, it means recognising the part that smartphones play in customers’ lives and ensuring your digital strategy takes that into account. There are essentially two parts to this, getting the foundations right on current platforms and considering if and when you might develop your own mobile app.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013