Positive action recruitment roadmap

Positive action recruitment roadmap

By The Audience Agency
The British Museum


Increasing workforce diversity in the cultural sector is key to ensuring a vibrant and resilient future. This recruitment toolkit for the cultural sector created by The British Museum with The Audience Agency is complete with tips and templates to get you started.


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This roadmap provides guidance on implementing a recruitment model that engages a more diverse range of people – through partnership building, taster days, and group interviews. This model was used during the British Museum’s HLF Skills for the Future project, the Learning Museum. The programme aimed to:

  • NURTURE the next generation of the museum workforce, drawing in fresh perspectives from a diverse cohort of trainees, enabling them to harness the power of objects and engage under-represented audiences.
  • CHAMPION best practice in dynamic collections skills and showcase innovation in museum development across the UK, ensuring a sustainable future for the museum sector.
  • DEVELOP a proactive network of trainees, partner museums and the British Museum, leading to long-term nationwide collaborative projects of all kinds.

"Through recruitment methods that invest in diversity, access, and community engagement, organisations in the cultural sector and beyond can benefit from recruiting people with passion and potential above qualifications and experience."

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2022