Rethinking Recruitment

Rethinking Recruitment


Practical and inclusive ideas for attracting and hiring great people into customer and donor relationship management roles in the cultural sector. A guide by Spektrix.

Rethinking Recruitment is a practical resource for anyone who recruits for roles using customer relationship management (CRM) tools in the cultural sector, usually in marketing, fundraising, ticketing and sales roles.

Easy, quick-to-implement ideas will help you rethink job descriptions, questions and interview tasks to make them inclusive and inviting to a wider pool of candidates.

To help you find great people, Spektrix has drawn on expertise from their colleagues, partners and community.

Throughout these pages, their team members share direct experience of recruiting and managing marketing, fundraising and sales teams using a variety of CRM systems. They also share perspectives and resources from clients, partners, and others in the cultural sector whose experience and ideas have influenced us along the way.

If you’re looking at role requirements beyond CRM, the same principles can be applied - whatever your priorities, think carefully about how you describe the characteristics you’re looking for, test for vital skills, make space for transferable experience, and welcome new colleagues to your team.

The guide includes comprehensive sections on:

  • Lessons learned from rethinking recruitment at Spektrix
  • Simple changes to widen your talent pool
  • Job descriptions - including a template job description
  • Reimagining the recruitment process at every step including promoting the role, assessing skills, interviewing, selection (including a resource on recruitment questions and scoring) and onboarding.

"What are the core qualities needed to be a great cultural sector marketer, fundraiser or sales team member? Can changing the way we look at job requirements and recruitment practices help us find people with these qualities and give us a better chance of increasing the diversity of our teams?"

Michael Nabarro, Spektrix CEO & co-founder (London)

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2021