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HOME Manchester: Carbon Pioneers

HOME demonstrates environmental commitment and leadership from rooftop honeybee hives and sustainable procurement to carbon literacy training and creative programming. HOME not only shows what positive environmental change looks like, they share and inspire others too – their peers, their neighbours, their communities – locally, nationally and beyond.

Guide to Green Champions: building competency and capacity

With the climate crisis of growing prominence among audiences, artists, funders and wider society, the role of a Green Champion is more crucial than ever. Creative Carbon Scotland‘s Guide to Green Champions provides ideas and advice for new and experienced Green Champions working within the culture sector.

Toolkit: Embedded Artists for Climate Adaptation

From 2018 to 2021 Cultural Adaptations worked together with international partners, and with funding from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and co-funding from the Scottish Government, to explore how creativity and creative practice can help our society to adapt. This toolkit is for adaptation practitioners, researchers, policy makers, artists and cultural organisations … Read more

Art=Change: adapting to climate change

Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland shares his reflections on how cultural organisations can consider adapting to climate change and why their approach might be different form existing or traditional adaptation strategies.

Engaging the public on climate change

A report by The Creative Ireland Programme presenting findings and insights from a two-month period of research into the role of the cultural and creative sectors in engaging the public on climate change.

Toolkit: Adapting our Culture

Since 2018 Cultural Adaptations has been exploring the ways in which cultural organisations can adapt to the impacts of climate change – and how they can thrive in a climate-changed world. The result of this action-research project is an in-depth toolkit, specifically tailored to support cultural organisations to plan their adaptation to climate change.

How to find and grow diverse talent

One of six Culture Change guides by Arts Council England that will help you follow best practice in recruitment and develop a diverse workforce and leadership.

Inclusive Recruitment Guide

This guide by UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (SOLT) breaks down the recruitment process to help you write a better job pack, to help you remove bias from your selection processes, and offers suggestions on where to post your job ads to reach a wider talent pool.