Inclusive Recruitment Guide

Inclusive Recruitment Guide

By SOLT/UK Theatre


This guide by UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (SOLT) breaks down the recruitment process to help you write a better job pack, to help you remove bias from your selection processes, and offers suggestions on where to post your job ads to reach a wider talent pool.

This guide is concise, actions-focussed, and highlights examples of best practice from existing resources (with specific page numbers so you can go direct to the relevant points). It also recommends organisations and consultants who can assist you with your recruitment.

There are five sections:

1. The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce

2. How can I make my job advert and job description more inclusive?

3. Where can I advertise my opportunity to attract a wider pool of applicants?

4. How can I make the shortlisting and selection process more inclusive?

5. Where can I go for more help?


It is designed for theatre employers: producers, venues, touring companies, creative teams.

This is a working document – it has been written to assist the sector in developing its practice. UK Theatre and SOLT welcome your feedback: please let them know if they've missed anything. Please email

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2021