Lates at the Science Museum

Lates at the Science Museum

By Scott Mckenzie-Cook


This case study explores the objectives, processes and outcomes of the Science Museum's Lates - a regular late night opening for adults-only. Lates aims to attract a young adult audience into the museum to engage with its collections and an average of 3,500 visitors attend these late night openings. Lates is not marketed in the traditional sense instead it relies upon social media, the museum's website and free press.


  • To attract a younger adult audience 
  • For the audience to learning something new relating to science and / or the theme 
  • To engage with our collection 
  • To make visitors want to visit the museum again at either another Lates or during normal opening hours 
  • To have a diverse and changing programme of themes and events for each Lates
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013