How to analyse survey responses

How to analyse survey responses

By The Audience Agency


This helpful guide explains how you can analyse and interpret the results of your visitor surveys. You'll find advice on using different computer packages, how to clean and code data, methods to evaluate your data and how to report on your findings. Part 3 sets out some principles for analysing the survey and making sense of the data. The guide has been produced with a museum or gallery with a small research budget in mind, but the principles are still relevant for any type or size of venue wishing to research and assess their visitors.

Each individual response needs a unique identifier, or ID number, so that a response isn’t added twice or left out of the analysis. Number each response in ink at the beginning and then work through the data entry numerically. The easiest way to cross-tabulate the questionnaire responses is using a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel. The Pivot Table wizard is located in the Data menu.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013