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Photo of an actor standing on a platform in front of water. A projection of a person in the background.

Sharing learning: Slung Low – Flood

In this case study, members from Slung Low discuss the challenges they faced in taking on their biggest outdoor project to date, Flood.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Case studies

Group dancing on a stage with rainbow-coloured material. Person in foreground holding material above their head.

How to… co-create an evaluation

Co-creation is a term we may hear a lot, but an evaluation of your project that is genuinely co-created can be really powerful. This guide from Mark Robinson of Thinking Practice will help you think about how every stage of your evaluation process, from planning to action to review, can be something that is developed ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river

How to… fail well

Owning and admitting openly to failure can be uncomfortable. But what do we mean by failure, and how can we change our perspective away from things 'going wrong' to genuinely learn and reflect? This how-to guide will help cultural organisations not only to recognise failure, but to do it well.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Adult at left hand side of image has hands in the air with group of children with excited faces

Evaluation principles

These evaluation principles are a sharing of ideas to inform how evaluation is carried out and used in the cultural sector.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Multiple open books showing text pages

How to… find existing research

In this practical how to guide Dr Robyn Dowlen explains how to search for research that is relevant to your evaluation project, and where to look.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Sketches of infographics

How to… create infographics with impact

Find out how to create effective infographics to summarise your research or evaluation project, in this how-to guide from Nifty Fox.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Group singing

My essential reads: the value of group singing

In her essential reads, Dr Yoon Irons shares her top articles on the value of singing groups for community group singing practitioners and anyone interested in working in this field.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Essential reads

Performers in site specific theatre

Sharing learning: Grid Iron Theatre Company – Crude

In this series of learning case studies, cultural practitioners share their reflections and learning honestly, so others can learn from and build on their experience. Here Judith Doherty, Producer, Chief Executive and Co-Artistic Director of Grid Iron Theatre Company reflects on the challenges associated with staging site-specific theatre, and finding the balance between taking acceptable ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Case studies

Evaluating the Freelance Task Force

In April 2020, initiated by Fuel Theatre in London, some 150 sponsor organisations signed an open letter announcing a new national Freelance Task Force, which promised its members solidarity, representation, connections and some financial support. This evaluation includes practical  and strategic recommendations to inform the way forward.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Evaluation reports

Five tips to get the most from your in-house evaluation

Lorna Dennison, senior consultant, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre shows us some simple ways to stop evaluation just being a tick box exercise and turn it into rocket fuel for future improvement.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Article

My essential reads: cultural value and evaluation

Are you thinking about approaches to evaluation and impact and how best to capture cultural value? How has cultural evaluation evolved and why have some approaches become more dominant? Beatriz Garcia shares five recommended reads to help deepen your understanding of approaches to evaluation.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Essential reads

My essential reads: cultural value and place

Are you thinking about the role of culture and place? Are you interested in evaluation practices and definitions of ‘success’ for culture-based place development? Franco Bianchini shares six recommended reads to help you explore the complexities of this area of research and practice. Read the article below or download the document

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Essential reads

Webinar: Who and what is evaluation for? And when is it useful?

Why do we evaluate our work and who do we do it for? Is it to meet the expectations of funders and stakeholders or to assess a project’s success and capture the difference it makes? And are we missing a trick if we don’t use evaluation as an opportunity to enhance our practice and deepen ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Webinars and films

Webinar: How can we use research and evidence to influence policy change?

This webinar offers learnings and insights on how to use evidence and research to influence policy change.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Webinars and films

Lit up castle with crowds

Sharing learning: Cauldrons & Furnaces | Crochan a Ffwrnais

In this series of learning case studies, cultural practitioners share their reflections and learning honestly, so others can learn from and build on their experience. Here Clare Williams reflects on managing multiple agendas and questions of ownership in complex large-scale projects.  

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Case studies

Two women dancing look at each other hands raised

How to…broker a successful academic partnership

Are you interested in working with academics to create new knowledge and amplify understanding? This guide by Culture Forum North helps you consider the potential benefits of research partnerships with academics and suggests how to initiate and develop these relationships.      

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Five external shots of libraries forming the cover of the resource pack

The Libraries Taskforce: Evaluation workshops resource pack

In March 2019 The Audience Agency delivered a series of evaluation workshops for libraries, commissioned by the DCMS Libraries Taskforce and supported by Arts Council England.  Four workshops were delivered across England; in the North West, North East, South West, and London / South East regions.  This Resource Pack brings together the evaluation workshop slide ... Read more

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Guide/tools

14-18 NOW: Summary of Evaluation

This report by Josephine Burns based on documents and data analysis by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, summarises 14-18 NOW’s five-year programme and tells the story of a unique undertaking that brought together art and heritage with a vision ‘to support the creation of artworks by contemporary artists, to engage and stimulate the UK public in fresh and engaging ... Read more

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research

How to… create a successful survey

Laura Cusick, Research Executive at thrive, the Belfast-based audience development agency guides as through what makes a great survey and how quantitative research can give you the insight you need.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: article

Concept Monitoring and Evaluation Report cover featuring 2 young people making a recording

Concept Evaluation and Monitoring Report

An evaluation of the Concept programme, run by Pedestrian (a Leicester-based charity delivering workshops in art, music, and media working with disadvantaged, NEET young people and vulnerable adults). Written by Rachel Escott.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research