The Green Guide

The Green Guide

By Arts Marketing Warwickshire


Understanding and marketing to rural audiences for large- and middle-scale venues.

This study aims to examine ways in which arts organisations – middle and large scale – interact with audiences living in rural areas of England. To ascertain if a different marketing approach is adopted to reach these markets and to measure the effectiveness of Networking and Transport schemes as marketing tools within this sector. It will also examine barriers to attendance amongst this group as perceived by the arts sector – through research and intuition – and identify examples of best practice in overcoming these.

The study has drawn on the experiences of venues – large, middle and small scale – Local Authorities and Regional Arts Boards. Information has also been sought from other appropriate industry sectors such as transport providers, funders and national organisations with a particular knowledge of rural England. However, it is not a definitive study or ‘How To’ guide for marketing to rural audiences, instead, The Green Guide is a snapshot of current practices in the arts sector, an identification of perceived barriers to attendance and an examination of some proposed solutions.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2012