Building a holistic digital marketing campaign

Building a holistic digital marketing campaign

By Jenny Brown
Charlotte Sexton


Provides a detailed look at the current trends in digital and social media available in 2010, with an overview of how the different elements can be used within a marketing campaign or communications strategy. This is followed by a case study which will give you an insight into their different uses within a mixed media campaign and how they can be applied to speak to different targets to deliver a holistic strategy that has engagement at its heart.

The National Gallery, based in Trafalgar Square, is an Old Masters collection, which in itself is not a natural ‘sell’, but within the collection there are some incredibly famous paintings, like the Sunflowers, which bring many people through its doors. The National Gallery decided to use the broadest range of technology to achieve its mission.

There were two goals:

1. To enhance knowledge of the collection through interpretation and education

2. To build new audiences through communications and audience development work

This is a high-level overview of the digital landscape for the gallery as it stands right now. There are some familiar names from Jenny’s tour, but what is interesting is the mix. What should come across with this session is that if you cherry pick and you are very clear about your audiences, then every organisation can find a suitable method to communicate.


Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013