Thinking BIG worksheet 8: strategy sets

Thinking BIG worksheet 8: strategy sets

By Stephen Cashman


Explore the implications of your proposed marketing strategy sets with this practical worksheet designed for use with the Thinking BIG! resource.

Worksheet set 8

Using graphic tools to map out your strategy sets

Please print several copies of the following blank matrix which can be used to construct some planning matrices for your proposed strategies and strategy sets. To use these you should first decide which matrices seem most meaningful to your organisation’s current issues and needs. The matrices you may wish to use are:

• the Ansoff growth/vector (or ‘Ansoff’)
• the market growth / market share product portfolio matrix (a.k.a. the BCG matrix).

Then, either on your own or working with relevant colleagues, use the matrices to map out the implications of the proposed strategies. Please bear in mind that there is no need to create versions of all the matrices – only the ones that seem to fit with your purposes and circumstances.

Blank matrix grid

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2012