Podcast: Engaging young audiences and working together

Podcast: Engaging young audiences and working together

By For Arts Sake
Dhikshana Turakhia Pering


Dhikshana Turakhia Pering, Head of Engagement and Skills at Somerset House, Trustee Museums Association, Member of Museum Detox talks about engagement over learning, working together, and juggling family and professional life. One of a series of podcasts with museum people by For Arts Sake.

With a passion for diversifying the cultural engagement sector, Dhikshana currently works as Head of Engagement & Skills at Somerset House, connecting Somerset House's cultural programme, history and onsite creative community with diverse audiences.

Dhikshana’s experience covers fifteen years in the industry with expertise in developing young people’s programmes and leading successful engagement and outreach teams. She has held positions at the Science Museum, London Transport Museum, Brent 2020 – London Borough of Culture and Somerset House where she is currently Head of Engagement and Skills.

She has lectured on innovative and best practice and, as a Trustee at the Museums Association, a member of Museum Detox, Dhikshana has focused on workforce representation and acted as a key advisor on the future of museum engagement and currently is leading the Future of Museum Learning work that the Museums Association is carrying our across all four nations.

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Resource type: Podcasts | Published: 2021