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Leadership, workforce development and skills: Evidence Review

Leadership, workforce development and skills: Evidence Review

By Arts Council England


Consilium Research and Consultancy (acquired by Wavehill in 2018) was commissioned in June 2017 by Arts Council England to undertake an assessment of how the arts, creative and cultural sector has progressed since 2010 with regards to its leadership, skills, workforce development and workforce diversity. This report provides a summary of the evidence collated and reviewed and highlights key themes and trends within the evidence base to guide and inform Arts Council England’s future strategic priorities.

Key research questions this review seeks to answer:

  1. How has the sector progressed with regard to leadership, workforce development, workforce diversity and skills levels since 2010?
  2. How does this progress compare to other sectors?
  3. What new and innovative models of workforce development and programmes are other sectors adopting, on a global level, to ensure their workforce is fully prepared for the future challenges of an ever-increasing global economy?
  4. What are the key challenges the arts, creative and cultural sector will face over the next ten years with regards to workforce recruitment, progression, retention and skills development and CPD? How does this compare with other sectors in the economy?

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2019