Leadership – from 'me, they' to 'me, we'

Leadership – from 'me, they' to 'me, we'

By Chris Grant


Transcript of a keynote presentation on leadership and eliminating your own biases.

What this is about is how do I include other people in the story that my organisation is telling, fully embracing what they’re offering, and respecting it.

There might be certain set moments in the life of your organisation where we say we need to have certain conversations. Also on a daily basis for most of us, our phone rings, or you get an email.

I would suggest that if we made an agreement here today that every single interruption that you get from someone, which has some relevance to your work in the next week, that you would give it serious consideration about how to include it in your working week. Yes, a number of them just wouldn't add any value, but I bet you that a lot of them would really bring new perspectives and new ideas. I think that applies to whether you’re talking about team members or about members of the public.

Resource type: | Published: 2012