ACE Survey on Leadership

ACE Survey on Leadership

By Arts Council England


Help Arts Council England (ACE) understand the landscape of leadership development in the cultural sectors by taking part in this 5 minute survey by King's College London.

ACE has commissioned King’s College London to conduct research into the development of leadership skills across the arts, museums and libraries. The aim of the research is to identify a broad range of interventions in leadership development, focused particularly on the arts, museums and libraries in England. The team will also explore what makes leadership programmes effective and how this is evaluated.

To support this research, King’s is conducting a short survey to gain a snapshot of leadership development practices within the arts, museums and libraries to help us scope the range of opportunities and support currently being offered. The survey aims to capture experiences ranging from participation in leadership programmes and courses to informal arrangements such as mentoring or shadowing as well as considering where there has been a lack of support for leadership development.

The intention of the survey is to hear from as many voices as possible, from directors and senior managers to those just starting out in their careers, and from employees to freelancers and independent artists.

Take part in the survey through the King's College website

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2018