How to raise money from individuals

How to raise money from individuals

By Arts & Business


This manual gives detailed advice on how to encourage people to give money. It looks at why people give, how much is given and why people choose to support the arts. It then suggests an eight step plan which includes identifying your targets (who to approach), getting your targets involved, different ways to ask and reciprocating (connecting and keeping in touch). There are appendices on tax, internet fundraising and research resources.

By looking at both your activity and your presence, you are attempting to develop new arguments to support the importance of your existence - formulating a new image of yourself for people who know you exist but feel that you have no impact on their lives. This is about showing that you do! This is about turning a knowledge of your existence into a passion for your existence. Once this happens, acquaintances start to become potential givers, whether they are audiences or not.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014