What makes a successful family friendly event?

What makes a successful family friendly event?

By The Audience Agency


We're often looking for creative ways to attract low or unengaged audiences into our venues. This family friendly film festival aimed to introduce new families to cultural venues which they may not have normally visited, by creating an exciting, affordable holiday experience. Running in summer 2010, the festival showcased films and activities across twenty different arts venues around Greater Manchester. This fact sheet provides a snapshot of the key learning points and headlines from the project evaluation, outlining top tips for how to make a really successful family friendly event.

The majority of families attended more than one event, with 47% booking 3 to 5 events. 24% of families who attended this year’s festival had also attended in 2009. 38% of families were new to the venue where the event was held. The festival was successful in attracting the Arts Audiences: Insight segment Time Poor Dreamers, a typically non-engaged segment. The majority of respondents attended with 5-7 year olds. There were also high proportions of respondents attending with 8-10 and 0-4 year olds. The majority of visitors were from the Manchester, Trafford and Stockport boroughs.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013