What is best practice in accessible marketing?

What is best practice in accessible marketing?

By Mickey Fellowes


This short document summarises the main best practice principles arts marketers and audience development officers should use when preparing their marketing materials for a diverse audience. It particularly relates to physical and learning disabilities or difficulties.

Accessible marketing is usually a multistrand approach and not reliant on any one marketing tool or medium. To widen access you should not rely on print marketing only.

It is good general practice that whatever is heard is also shown visually and vice versa. So whatever is spoken is also subtitled and BSL interpreted. Whatever is written is also offered in an audio format.

Simplicity of use is important for people with physical disabilities so your website should not have multiple clicks and links and turning off flash animations before the user can get to the information they are interested in.


1. Font size – RNIB recommend between 12-14pt font for standard print.

2. Clear font – for websites you should use a sans serif font a good clear font is Ariel

3. Colour contrast should be effective – not gold on brown. Be aware that 5% of Males have a degree of red/green colour blindness.

4. Spacing between letters and words should remain the same.

5. Large print is dependant upon the needs of the person and is however large they need it. Ask the person.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013