Not for the Likes of You – Part 1 (training video)

Not for the Likes of You – Part 1 (training video)

By Mel Larsen


This on demand training video is based on the Action Research project Not for the likes of you, which carried out a study of 32 cultural organisations that have successfully become accessible to a wider audience. Part 1 focuses on what you can do internally to attract a broader audience.

Part one: Introduction
— 7 minutes

Part two: Specific kinds of leadership behaviour
— 17 minutes

Part three: Create effective multi-disciplinary teams
— 14 minutes

Part four: Bring education and marketing closer to management
— 3 minutes

Part five: Hire a broad range of types of people
— 3 minutes

Part six: Think about audiences first
— 3 minutes 30 seconds

Part seven: Promote a people-centre ‘can do’ culture
— 1 minute

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2016