Interpreting key indicators in the performing arts

Interpreting key indicators in the performing arts

By The Audience Agency


Identifying and interpreting realistic key indicators for performing arts audiences through a collaborative audience analysis and intelligence-sharing programme. Working across 36 London venues, audiences were analysed by artform, demographics and market penetration, repeat attendance, ticket spend and booking behaviour, growth patterns, as well as a propensity to move across venues and artforms, creating robust benchmarks.

As with repeat attendance, those attending two or more venues account for proportionally more tickets sold and income generated than those who only go to one. The effect is more pronounced with 85.5% of households only attending one venue, compared to the repeat attendance data which show that 68.1% of households only attended once. So this suggests that in any given year venues have a fairly unique audience but that the majority of this audience is not particularly loyal, only visiting once in the year. This is
one of the insights which has helped to foster collaboration between venues who produce work in similar artistic fields. When looking at crossover between different artforms a similar pattern emerges.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013