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Let’s Get Real – How to evaluate online success

‘Let’s Get Real’ details the online analytics methodology, research and key findings of a major study into how arts and cultural organisations can evaluate online success. It suggests new ways to plan, invest and collaborate on the development of digital cultural activities. The guide explains how to define what you are trying to do online, ... Read more

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Understanding the contemporary craft market in a changing economy

A study that provides market intelligence and essential information for contemporary craft makers and suppliers of craft. The aims of the study are to understand market size, motivations and other contributors to craft purchases, and the growth potential of the contemporary craft market size in England, and how the market might evolve in response to ... Read more

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Research

Data intelligence driven marketing

Ulster Orchestra tested whether the benefits of a season brochure outweighed its costs. Working with Indigo, the orchestra segmented their data, based largely on frequency, but also looking at artform crossovers. They found that few audience members crossed over artform and this suggested that a more targeted approach to communication – offering people the sort of work ... Read more

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Case studies

Interpreting key indicators in the performing arts

Identifying and interpreting realistic key indicators for performing arts audiences through a collaborative audience analysis and intelligence-sharing programme. Working across 36 London venues, audiences were analysed by artform, demographics and market penetration, repeat attendance, ticket spend and booking behaviour, growth patterns, as well as a propensity to move across venues and artforms, creating robust benchmarks.

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Research

Using Google Analytics to get better results from your marketing

Google Analytics can help arts marketers when developing a digital strategy and a digital marketing plan for their organisation. Learn about all the different tools that art marketers can use to help maximise the use of Google Analytics which can improve their marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement and a customers website experience. Please note the presentation referred to in the resource can now be ... Read more

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Measuring the effectiveness of digital innovation

In order to see whether digital marketing efforts are working, cultural organisations have to measure the right things and use the right tools. This article looks at two case studies: one of a group of major UK institutions conducted by Culture 24, and another by The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It looks at how to choose the ... Read more

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Case studies