How to develop media relations to increase coverage of your organisation

How to develop media relations to increase coverage of your organisation

By The Audience Agency


Build positive press relationships with help from this introductory guide that takes you through the key stages of a media relations campaign. From finding positive stories to researching media contacts and writing press releases, discover top tips for increasing coverage of your organisation.

This introductory guide is aimed at organisations or individuals who are relatively new to media relations, or as a reminder of the key points for those who would like to reassess their work in this area.

It is focused on a proactive media relations campaign to increase positive coverage about the work of your organisation.

Media relations and public relations

Media relations play a key role within the wider public relations context. But what is public relations?

Public relations (PR) is about your organisation’s reputation with your public and other stakeholders. It is concerned with their understanding of what you do and what you’re about. PR activity uses all types of communication channel.

The media are one of the key communication channels in PR activity, and this guide focuses on how you can work with them effectively.

In the arts and cultural sector, good PR is key to ‘selling’ your offer, and influencing and increasing audiences and visitors. It is essential in establishing a good relationship with other stakeholders, influencing factors such as funding.

Effective PR activity is also essential to help to safeguard against a negative reputation, and to maintain your reputation as best as possible through any problematic times.

Understand your organisation

Start with an organisational audit

Good media relations should be part of your wider PR strategy and reinforce your key messages.

How do you think people perceive your organisation? Think about both internally and externally.

What messages does your organisation currently give out? Are they consistent? Think about all the communication channels you use, your branding, the way your staff talk about your organisation and the media.

How would you like people to perceive your organisation? What are your key messages? What are your unique selling points i.e. those things that are particular to your organisation and make it worthy of people's attention?

Who would you like to reach with these messages and why?

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013