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Press releases the audience development way

Press releases the audience development way

By Shoshana Fanizza


Shoshana Fanizza of US consultancy Audience Development Specialists (ADS) offers some practical tips for writing effective press releases.  This short article has been adapted from the ADS blog and was originally posted in 2013.

  • Make sure a teaser and basic information is in the body of the email. They may not have time to click on the attachment, which means it can get “shuffled” in their inbox and forgotten about. Having the important details up front to get their attention right away is the way to go. 
  • Send the releases in a timely manner. Most outlets appreciate 3-4 weeks before as the sweet spot. Enough time ahead, but not too much ahead for them to forget about it. 
  • Follow up 2 weeks before the event with a fresh update. This is also a good way to build the relationship with them.
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