Survey design: examples of research questions and answer codes

Survey design: examples of research questions and answer codes

By The Audience Agency


This set of research questions and answer codes was developed during Audiences London's work with a group of London-based visual arts organisations to standardise and share their audience information. They include questions which focus on the profiling of visitors as well as motivation, marketing, behaviour and satisfaction. This guide may be useful to you if the questions correspond to your research objectives and relate to existing practice within your organisation.

They are split into two sections, and are not presented in any particular
order within the sections: 'core' questions that each of the participating organisations will be expected to use and report on, and which focus on profiling of visitors; and 'optional' questions based on the questions that most of the participating organisations  are currently asking, and which include questions about motivation, marketing, behaviour and satisfaction.

The 'core' question and answer codes incorporate all of the participating organisations’  reporting needs, and provide backward compatibility of their data. They are based on questions used in other significant data sets such as the Census.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013