Arts Emergency Impact Report

Arts Emergency Impact Report

By Arts Emergency


Arts Emergency is an award-winning mentoring charity and network. Their mission is to help marginalised young people overcome barriers to participation and success in higher education and the creative and cultural industries. This is their first Impact Report.

Arts Emergency only work with the young people who are least likely to have the connections or a ‘leg up’ to study or work in the creative and cultural industries. The three most common criteria for their 2018 mentees were neither parent went to university (71%), household income below £25,000 p/a (56%) and person of colour (56%). Significantly 77% selected two or more eligibility criteria. 

The Impact Report 2018 includes sections on:

  • Life changing mentoring
  • Access to higher education for all
  • Top quality work experience
  • High calibre opportunities
  • Breaking into industry
  • The Arts Emergency network

Download the Impact Report 


Resource type: Research | Published: 2019