Understanding mobile and tablet use of your website

Understanding mobile and tablet use of your website

By Culture24


This guide was commissioned by The Audience Agency from Culture24 as part of Audience Finder. Learn how to gather evidence about device-specific user behaviour on your website, when you need to do something about it and what you should be considering.

Identifying user behaviour using data from web analytics tools

Web analytics tools can provide valuable information about the proportions of users on mobile devices and the type of devices being used (as well as their screen sizes and operating systems that will allow you to distinguish types of device). Here we will be considering Google Analytics, but the principles of enquiry apply to any analytics tool. Two key areas of consideration are:

  1. How can you distinguish which mobile devices your web audiences are using?
  2. What they are doing when accessing your site via this device?
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2015