Tyneside Cinema's Capital Appeal

Tyneside Cinema's Capital Appeal

By David Dixon


Tyneside Cinema is an arthouse cinema based in the North East of the UK showing the best films from around the world. It also acts as a showcase for regional film-makers as well as training upwards of 6,000 adults and children each year in filmmaking skills. This case study by David Dixon, was first published in 2006 in Theresa Lloyd's Cultural Giving, describes how Tyneside Cinema planned to raise £500,000 as part of the £6.5 million it needed to undertake a complete restoration.  

Learning points

  • Even a small database can be wealth-screened and produce useful prospects
  • Mail is a valuable tool for fundraising and can produce more cost- effective results for some segments of a database
  • Telephone campaigns organised in-house can be very effective at low volumes of contacts, although professional technical advice and call centre skills training is essential
  • Involving audiences in an appeal has a psychological benefit for audiences and staff alike, as well as raising funds and securing relationships
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014