Three Fundraising Curses – 2) The Curse of Embarrassment

Three Fundraising Curses – 2) The Curse of Embarrassment

By David Burgess


This three part guide from David Burgess (Apollo Fundraising) challenges you to reconsider what you think you know about fundraising, tackling how you communicate and share ideas, getting beyond embarrassment and moving away from being boring! How might rethinking these taboos enrich your work, and success, as a fundraiser? Read part one here, and part three here

While fundraisers are far from immune, the effects of this next curse are most severe when

contracted by other people within the organisation. Unfortunately, this curse likes to prey

on the people fundraisers rely on to help them the most - CEOs, board members, artistic

directors, project managers and frontline staff.

They are all prone to the Curse of Embarrassment.

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Resource type: | Published: 2018