The Art of Fundraising: How to Handle the Essentials

The Art of Fundraising: How to Handle the Essentials


Independent consultant Helen Jenkins shows you how research, planning and careful preparation can build successful fundraising.

The content of this guide was originally delivered as part of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fundraising Essential course.

Step #1

The Case for Support

A Case for Support is a document that tells donors who your organisation is, it’s

mission, what it has accomplished, outlines your vision for the future, tells donors

why your organisation’s vision matters and why the donor should care about

you. Most importantly it tells the donor what you want from them and how much

money you need.

−− Does your organisation already have one?

−− If you do, how often is it used and updated?

−− If you don’t have one you can build one (or many for different donors)

−− What are the key components? A great case for support (C4S) document:

  • Asks for support
  • Tells the story of who you are
  • Provides a problem that can be solved
  • Is donor focussed (you - not me or us!)
  • Provides statistics It is an internal document as well as an external one
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2018