Producing a ‘theatre in the home’ festival

Producing a ‘theatre in the home’ festival

By Etre Associazione


Luoghi Comuni 2011 - “Teatro In Casa” was the third festival organised by Etre Associazione, a network of Italian performing arts companies.  The 2011 festival took place in Como and was focused on the long-standing Italian tradition of ‘theatre in the home’. This case study outlines the key objectives and activities of the festival together with the outcomes that came with producing a festival based solely on theatre in the home. It was written by audience development intern Erica Bernardi, supervised by Etre Director, Fabio Ferretti.  More information is available at

The outcomes
Overall the festival was a great success. Some of the companies involved went on to tour their ‘theatre in the home’ production, following the positive reception in Como.

  • Residences' and festival's increased visibility. Word of mouth was strong and the festival benefited from this. 
  • Due to the in-home setting the relationship between the audience, the actors and the performance ‘territory’ was exceptionally strong. This gave the audience an intense theatrical experience.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014