National Visual Arts Audience benchmarking

National Visual Arts Audience benchmarking

By The Audience Agency


An overview of the research undertaken into audiences for visual arts through the National Visual Arts (NVA) cluster in Audience Finder, including recommendations for actionable insight.

Key questions for the National Visual Arts sector

The design of the research was formed in consultation with CVAN networks across the country in order to ensure that the research identified the issues of critical importance to the development of audiences and of the sector. Together, we prioritised the following research questions:

  • How do visitors describe and rate the quality of their visit?
  • How important are galleries as drivers of visits to their local area?
  • What is the value of the economic activity generated by gallery visitors?
  • What is the profile of gallery visitors?
  • What are the attendance patterns?
  • What are implications of the above for sector advocacy and audience development?


Resource type: Research | Published: 2016