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iBeholder: new ways to gather data and insight for non-ticketed venues

The iBeholder pilot programme was developed to help discover new ways to gather audience data for non-ticketed visual arts organisations and boost the audience experience.  thrive, Northern Ireland’s audience development agency details everything that happened throughout the project and the insights uncovered.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Research

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Visual Arts and Climate Change Adaptations in Scotland

Climate change is already having a physical impact on Scotland – from increased rainfall and flooding, to unexpected heatwaves and more intense extreme weather. It is imperative that we respond to this climate crisis, and recognise and avert the impacts it will have on our culture. Creative Carbon Scotland commissioned research into the specific impacts ... Read more

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research

Children interacting with Generation AIR exhibition

Generation Tour: engaging families in contemporary art

Elaine Lees and Sallyanne Flemons share insight into what families want from contemporary visual art. Explore the results of Generation Tour, which aimed to attract family audiences to four contemporary art galleries in the north of England.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Case studies

National Visual Arts Audience benchmarking

An overview of the research undertaken into audiences for visual arts through the National Visual Arts (NVA) cluster in Audience Finder, including recommendations for actionable insight.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Research

Transported Empty Shops Report

Transported is a strategic, community-focused programme that aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland enjoying and participating in arts activities. This report on Transported’s Empty Shops project explains how empty shops were utilised as pop up arts spaces in August 2013.

Published: 2013 | Resource type: Case studies


Leveraging leadership into income growth

LUX is an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists working with the moving image. This paper written by Sarah Thelwall looks at how the models for the development of mixed income streams in non-profit arts organisations are evolving, how organisations such as LUX are leading these developments and the opportunities this presents for ... Read more

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Research

Arts access programme for regional South Australian communities

Country Arts SA is one of South Australia’s largest arts organisations, providing arts and services across regional South Australia through a range of arts programs and initiatives, the management of performing and visual arts venues, and the provision of grant funding which supports the creative endeavours of communities and individuals. This case study provides a brief ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Case studies

Using cultural activities to engage children and young people during school holidays

This Australian case study outlines a school holiday arts and cultural programme providing sustained delivery of creative opportunities for children and young people in remote Indigenous communities.

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Case studies

Growing arts and cultural participation and partnerships in regional communities

This case study from Queensland, Australia outlines how the Cultural Precinct has engaged with regional communities in recent years. Queensland’s Cultural Precinct has a strong presence in regional communities across the state, through touring programmes and exhibitions, artist workshops and residencies, performance simulcasts, collections loans, virtual access to collections, digital engagement projects, research and internships. ... Read more

Published: 2013 | Resource type: Case studies

Growing community arts with people with disabilities

This Australian case study gives an overview of an ongoing partnership between the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts and Nulsen (acknowledged as a leader in Australia in the field of caring for people with profound and severe disabilities). The partnership was designed to enable Nulsen residents to thrive in the artist community and find ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Case studies

Experiencing the arts through touch

In partnership with Vision Australia and Sculpture by the Sea, The Art Gallery of Western Australia held tactile tours at the 2009 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach for people with visual impairments. This case study outlines the key planning stages, implementation and key learnings of the award winning touch tour and is ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Case studies

How the arts can make a difference to community cohesion, social well being and rural regeneration

This publication from the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts features 10 case studies that show the role arts can play in helping to build inclusive, cohesive groups and address health and social concerns. 

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Case studies

Developing audiences for contemporary art in the Inner and Outer Hebrides

Atlas Arts develops audiences for contemporary art in the Inner and Outer Hebrides with a team of just two people.  Working without a venue, the artists Atlas Arts commission work in different ways but all of them make connections with the contemporary world around them, tapping into the unique qualities of the local, rural area.  This ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Case studies

Rural regeneration through the visual arts

The Lancashire Witches 400 project explored the heritage of the Lancashire Witches and the 400th anniversary of their trial and execution, alongside the enduring theme of persecution today. A diverse, creative programme initiated by Green Close Studios, involved hundreds of people participating in free workshops, talks and exhibitions featuring work from schools and the local community. There have ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Case studies

AMA Conference 2013 Game Change Logo

Harnessing the power of ambassadors

Katie Booth, Events and Tourism Marketing Manager at Tate and Mark Miller, Convenor of Young People’s Programmes, Tate talked to AMA conference 2013 delegates about ambassadors and about the work that they do with the Tate Collective and about the successful Hyperlink festival.

Published: 2013 | Resource type: article

Building creative capital through the arts and cultural education

This paper by Dr Dennie Palmer Wolf and Dr Steven Holochwost from US cultural consultancy WolfBrown draws on new understandings of creativity, as well as a number of WolfBrown projects, to suggest that a focus on building creative capital is a powerful way to think about planning for, executing, and measuring the impact of the ... Read more

Published: 2009 | Resource type: article

Tackling graffiti through art related engagement

This social marketing case study has been shared by the National Social Marketing Centre.  In 2007 Brent Council’s Graffiti Partnership Board (a multi-agency partnership) successfully led diversionary activities and implemented a stronger investigation and enforcement strategy to tackle graffiti in the area.  The approach was developed after extensive research and engagement with young people, graffiti ... Read more

Published: 2013 | Resource type: Case studies

Art lending through libraries

Art To Go is an art lending programme in place at an Iowa City Public Library (ICPL) since 1965. It’s a great example of one of the many unconventional ways libraries can enrich the lives of the communities they serve. The collection, which has about 400 items, is available to any patron with an ICPL ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Case studies

A flexible approach to working with young people

Tyne & Wear Museums, a regional museum and art gallery service, used the Art Ambassadors Project as part of its approach to target 16–25 year olds. This case study details the background to Art Ambassadors, the scheme in practice, including meetings with youth workers, and its conclusion to take a flexible approach to meeting young ... Read more

Published: 2000 | Resource type: Case studies

Branding art museums – two case studies

Two concise case studies on rebranding art museums in the US by international brand consultancy Wolff Olins. Find out how the identities of the Asian Art Museum in San Fransisco and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York were transformed, leading to invigorating staff and board members, and attracting a surge of new ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Case studies