How to move audiences up the ladder of engagement

How to move audiences up the ladder of engagement

By Andrew McIntyre
Helen Dunnett


We all want to attract new audiences and encourage our current audiences to attend more frequently. This guide explains how you can move your customers up the ladder of engagement by using two techniques; test-drive and teleprompt. Described as affordable, profitable, practical and successful approaches, you'll find an outline of how to undertake each one along with case studies which demonstrate the impact they have had on audience engagement.

Imagine your audience are on a giant ladder. At the top of the ladder are your Members or Friends. Just below them are subscribers and below them, in turn, are regular attenders, irregular attenders, lapsed attenders and so on down to the non-attenders beneath the bottom rung. Audience Development is about getting all these people further up this ladder, whatever their starting point.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013