How business can gain from the arts

How business can gain from the arts

By Arts & Business


The arts have a broader role to play in business in areas such as corporate creativity and human resource strategy. This research charts the development of the relationship between business and the arts examines and proposes new possibilities for how the arts and business might work together.

What was interesting was how strongly these artist practitioners’ views of their values and skills, and the consequent power of arts-based interventions, were shared by our business respondents. Nearly all stressed that the artists practitioners that they worked with bought with them new perspectives and new ways of working that were vital to the success of the intervention. Their power and influence came in part from their difference and therefore detachment from the values and practices of business. The business respondents agreed that the values base of artist practitioners and the values gap between business and the arts is at the root of the ‘X’ factor of arts-based interventions.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2014