How Acorn segmentation of audiences can help arts marketers target their communication

How Acorn segmentation of audiences can help arts marketers target their communication

By Bethany Humphreys


This quick and easy to follow overview of CACI’s Acorn geo-demographic classification explains what it is, where the information comes from – and how it can help arts marketers to understand their audiences and the different types of people within their audiences. It shows you what you can learn about segments’ behaviours, preferences and what motivates them, plus where to find them, so you can grow your audiences.

Venue Cymru profiling: Targeting Flourishing Families

  • Flourishing Families display the following characteristics:
  • Wealthy families with mortgages.
  • Younger than other affluent groups.
  • Incomes are good, many have managerial and professional occupations.
  • Car ownership is high, most families will have two or more cars.
  • Take regular holidays, including long haul, skiing and summer sun.
  • Enjoy country walking and birdwatching.
  • Often take family to the cinema.
  • PC ownership is common and they are comfortable with new technology.

From this profiling exercise we now know that:

  • Flourishing Families should be one of Venue Cymru’s key targets: they account for 10% of their catchment area and are traditional arts attenders.
  • Key areas to target would be around Anglessey and Bangor, Prestatyn, Chester, Northwich and Wrexham.
  • Car parking will be an important issue as they will likely travel this way.
  • Need to develop links with local hotels and restaurants to encourage families to make a holiday out of their visit. Links with local countryside attractions will also be important.
  • Communication through new media (Internet, mobile technology, digital television) should be effective.
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013