Family friendly resource ideas

Family friendly resource ideas

By The Audience Agency
Clair Donnelly


If you're stuck for family friendly resource ideas then this case study may help. It outlines the year round, permanent provision newly implemented at three organisations who had families as a key target market. You'll find details about the resources along with findings from the qualitative evaluation which was undertaken to monitor the success of the implementation.

The Whitworth Art Gallery took inspiration from the backpacks created by London’s V&A Museum. They created “Globetrotter” backpacks to help families engage with the permanent collections in the Gallery, with interactive activities and paper based activities to help reinforce the experience of looking. When the packs were launched in July 1999, the Whitworth gathered some qualitative feedback from families:

Positive reaction to the backpacks:

  • Object based activities rather than sheet of paper so more exciting
  • Variety of activities
  • Gave families a focus for the visit
  • Visit was more indepth and everyone learnt more
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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013