Cross border collaborative audience development project

Cross border collaborative audience development project

By Etre Associazione


This resource by Etre Associazione, a network of Italian performing arts companies, offers an outline of a cross border collaborative audience development project that is due to commence in 2015, involving theatre companies and audiences from Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders and Lombardy. The project will focus on developing a young audience (under 25) and will involve co-creation techniques. It aims to investigate and question the notion of ‘borders’ between countries or between different cultures co-existing. This project was the idea of Etre Associazione audience development intern, Erica Bernardi, supervised by Etre Director, Fabio Ferretti.

Objectives – “I Wanna be your Border”

  • To develop a debate around the idea of borders, through specific activities via schools, communities, universities and media. 
  • To offer to young people opportunities for aggregation and culturally significant experiences, developing more cohesion between them through creation and dialogue.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014