Using social media to market library services

Using social media to market library services

By Sue Lawson


Since 2008 Manchester Library and Information Service has used social media including blogging, sharing photos/videos, tweets and Facebook to promote resources and activities and reach new audiences. Written by Sue Lawson from Manchester Library, with contributions from Linsey Parkinson (Heald), writer and marketing consultant, this case study describes how social media has helped Manchester Libraries to develop its relationships with customers, publishers, authors, librarians, and bloggers from Manchester and beyond.  


  • Raise awareness of the range of library services, projects and events and to encourage wider take-up; 
  • promote the library’s online offer – the website, online renewals, 
  • reservations, account management and the range of reference resources at the 24 Hour Library; 
  • encourage new members to join the library and lapsed members to return;
  • speak to customers in a less formal way and open avenues for them to respond;
  • find communities of interest and share stories we know will be of relevance to them.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014