Reviewing the Family Friendly Campaign 1998-1999

Reviewing the Family Friendly Campaign 1998-1999

By The Audience Agency


Assessing the Family Friendly campaigns led by Arts About Manchester, the report analysed the campaign elements, e.g. a qualitative assessment of print and information, welcome and staff, and promotions. The future direction of Family Friendly as a strategic campaign was also reviewed through its performance in achieving its objectives of increasing the volume and quality of family visits (for the whole family), and encouraging new and year round provision.

Research findings show that providing for families, and encouraging new family visitors, in museums and galleries is a complex task, requiring commitment from staff throughout the organisation. Arts About Manchester’s Family Friendly campaign aims to take account of research findings by:

  • Running generic campaigns for which publicity stresses creative nature of arts visits and provides core planning information.
  • Communicating the requirements for a good quality visit and working with venues to put those in place.
  • Extending current knowledge about families by investigating their reactions to specific exhibitions, interpretation and resources.
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Resource type: Research | Published: 2013