Networked marketing – The Manchester Weekender

Networked marketing – The Manchester Weekender

By Helen Palmer


The Manchester Weekender, now into its fourth annual run, was created by Creative Tourist on behalf of Manchester Museums Consortium to take advantage of the annual autumnal ‘critical mass’ of culture, visitors and, crucially, partnerships. Helen Palmer explains how it kicks off the autumn cultural season by creating a weekend-long snapshot of the best of the city’s art and culture and gives visitors sufficient motivation for booking a visit; adds depth to the visitor experience; and encourages business and student/family tourists to extend their stay or return.

So what is the Manchester Weekender? Working with independent promoters, cultural venues, festivals, retailers, hoteliers and more, Creative Tourist pulls together a single weekend of cultural activity in the city that acts as a signpost to the broader autumn offer. It programmes small-scale events that sit between existing, handpicked festivals, exhibitions and events; these smaller events act as the glue that binds the programme together.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014