Moving on from branding

Moving on from branding

By Howard Raynor


The future doesn’t look bright for brands. This seminar paper blows a number of myths out of the water to persuade us that branding is not enough any more to attract and retain customers. The arts needs to be less ‘corporate’ and instead rethink how they want to deliver highly attractive products (beautiful spaces, fantastic talent, emotional experiences), which compare well to a lifeless product like a tin of beans.

What is wrong with brands?

  • Worn out from over use.
  • Treadmill of novelty, add more value, churn, tactical promotions, events.
  • Price differences and price twiddling that only the brand owners notice.
  • No longer mysterious...
  • Levels of consistency and predictability transcend brands in the West – they all do the job.
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014