Motivations for low- to mid-level individual giving

Motivations for low- to mid-level individual giving

By Arts & Business


There is great potential for small organisations to build income streams from their supporter base. This detailed report contains the findings from a research study on the motivations of individual donors in England (outside London) for giving to the arts at a low- to mid-level (from about £5/10 up to £1,000).

Academic studies on charity donors have reported a positive correlation between participation in charitable organisations or causes and the level of donations of those who participate. By the nature consumers of arts/cultural activity, especially committed audience/visitor members, experience a special rapport with the artform(s) they love and the organisation(s) they are patron to. This involvement, in turn, promotes awareness of the need to give which, according to research, is a precondition of philanthropic behaviour.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2014