How to design a visitor survey

How to design a visitor survey

By The Audience Agency


Part 1 of this helpful guide explains how to design an effective visitor survey. You'll find advice and examples on survey design, how to select questions, what to consider with the wording of those questions and the overall format. Although a visitor survey cannot provide all your research needs, it is a good tool for getting a better understanding of the people coming through your doors and identifying ways in which your service can be improved.

1. What do you already know about your visitors?
It may be worth writing a list of some basic facts about your visitors, or perhaps just general assumptions or expectations. Out of your list you need to decide which details you need confirmed by your survey, which facts are definitely true (meaning their inclusion in a survey is pointless), and which details you need to monitor over time. From observational techniques, you may believe that most of your visitors are over 40, but it may be worth examining this trend over time, particularly if you’re attempting to reach out to a younger audience.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013