Moving Targets – how cultural tourists engage with online content

Moving Targets – how cultural tourists engage with online content

By Culture24


This new research aims to identify and evaluate how cultural tourists' needs and aspirations affect the way you digitise artistic content, and how adopting a demand led approach as opposed to one that is supply led can reap real rewards.  With tips on keeping your digitised content manageable and how to evaluate your successes, this report looks at definitions, motivations and case studies that can help you to find the right path.

The online world, in particular the rise of social/mobile/local is changing our behaviour and how we start, enjoy and remember our individual touristic journeys. Those of us who are cultural tourists carry our love of the object, the artwork or the architecture with us. We seek out stories to resonate with our own and try to package these around our budget, time restrictions and desires. But what role do cultural institutions play in these journeys? Now that Europeana has opened up Europe’s vast cultural dataset for unlimited re-use how might this, alongside cultural venue and events listings information, help us map our cultural journeys? What information do we want and is what we find fit for our purposes?

  • Recognise that designing services for cultural tourists is challenging as they represent a ‘moving target’ whose identity, motivations and behaviours can vary considerably
  • Adopt a demand led approach that keeps asking the question: why would a potential cultural tourist be interested in using the service being provided?
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Resource type: Research | Published: 2013