Data intelligence driven marketing

Data intelligence driven marketing

By Katy Raines


Ulster Orchestra tested whether the benefits of a season brochure outweighed its costs. Working with Indigo, the orchestra segmented their data, based largely on frequency, but also looking at artform crossovers. They found that few audience members crossed over artform and this suggested that a more targeted approach to communication - offering people the sort of work they are most interested in - was likely to give the greatest return. The outcome of the work was that the cost was more than halved, response rates were substantially higher, and income was trebled.

The Ulster Orchestra have taken a bold but data-driven approach to their marketing communications, which has improved their marketing effectiveness and ticket income dramatically:

  • Return on investment with non-subscribers has risen from 1.6:1 to 20.9:1 – this is over thirteen times more return for every pound spent
  • The same number of bookers are being reached in a more intelligent and effective way, ensuring both maximization of income and relevance / appeal to the customer
  • The organization now has a robust methodology for monitoring and evaluation that can be used to further refine this process
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013